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Below are some (condensed) tips from Dr. Mercola about Healthy Eating in the New Year.    To see full article click here:  Full article 

Taking the Quantum Leap!

Foods to Avoid and Why:

1.   Canned Tomatoes – Acidity in Canned tomatoes cause BPA from cans to leach into your food.   Even low level exposure to BPA can be hazardous to your health.  Stick to fresh fruits and vegetables – or brands that come in glass jars.

2.   Corn-Fed Beef –   Cattle were meant to eat grass!  If faced with the choice, it is better to choose grass-fed over Organic – since organic beef is fed with organic corn.  The best choice would be Organic, grass-fed beef! 

3.  Microwave popcorn – There are chemicals in the lining of the bag.  Use regular old fashioned popcorn!   See previous post on Nov.18, 2009

4. Non-organic potatoes – Root veggies absorb the chemicals in the soil

5.  Farmed Salmon – one of the worst seafood choices out there! Farmed salmon typically have 10 times more cancer causing toxins and pollutants that wild salmon

6.  Milk produced with Artificial Hormones – Avoid milk that contains the added growth hormone rGBH.  Milk with rBGH  contains high levels of a natural growth factor (IGF-1) which has been incriminated as major causes of breast, colon and prostate cancers.

7.   Conventional Apples –  most fruits and vegatables contain unacceptable and unsafe levels of pesticides.    Apples are at the top of the list for the most pesticide.

Here is the clincher…………

If you need to pick and choose which food to buy organic, the most important foods to buy organic are animal products – not produce

Non-Organic meats have up to five times more pesticides than non-organic vegatables  (Yikes!)  Non-Organic butter can have up to 20 times as many pesticides as non-organic vegatables.

In prioritizing your purchases – look  for organic meat, eggs and dairy products above all else!

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Last night I wanted to make chili..and usually I buy dried beans and soak them overnight.  I didn’t have time to soak, so I thought I would look into using canned beans.  Canned beans always makes me nervous though, because of the BPA or Bisphenol A found in the lining. 

As detailed in the Thegoodhuman.com website “Bisphenol A, otherwise known as BPA, is a chemical compound primarily used to harden plastic. While the industry that makes BPA says that it is safe, there have been several reports lately about how it could be toxic to the human body because it mimics the sex hormone estradiol when exposed to high temperatures and/or certain dish detergents. ” (and has been linked to breast cancer)

I’m not telling you this to freak you out..Im telling you so you are armed with information..Unfortunately, most canned goods contain BPA (including many organic brands).  So, what I recommend doing is what I did last night at the grocery store, do research.  If you are in a bind and need to buy canned goods look up information on that particular brand.  Last night I found out that Eden Organic canned beans do NOT contain BPA (but their tomatoes do).

In my opinion, dried beans taste ten times better than canned anyways, so next time Im planning ahead so I can soak my beans!  Click on the photo for a great recipe from Whole Foods!

mmm..veggie chili

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Its absolutely freezing outside today, so I hope you are all bundled up and staying warm..

During this cold weather our lips really take a beating, so it’s really important to keep them protected.  I have never really found a lip balm that worked perfectly, but thankfully my super duper friend Deb, sent me my a lip balm called Lip Delivery Nutrition by Intelligent Nutrients which has become my new favorite! It is super moisturizing and has a hint of mint..

It is certified organic and has the most amazing ingredients.. check them out!

Intelligent Ingredients:

Certified Organic Beeswax, Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Certified Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Certified Organic Castor Seed Oil, Certified Organic Palm Kernel Seed Oil, Certified Organic Antioxidant Intellimune® Seed Oil Complex of Black Cumin, Pumpkin, Red Grape, Red Raspberry and Cranberry Seed Oils, Certified Organic Essential Oils and Flavors.

Perfectly Kissable!

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Hope that you all have had a happy holidays so far!! My husband just got back last night from Ohio where we had an amazing week with our family and friends..I was so impressed to see the “Green Intentions” they all have begun to take in their own lives..and how those intentions have now become part of their daily lives..

These are a few of my favorite things…

  • I saw an “all purpose” homemade cleaning spray underneath my mothers sink!
  • My sister, Laura used Organic sauce while cooking, and said that her and her husband are using lots of organic foods in their house everyday!
  • My cousin, Mary Kate told me that she bought the Gorgeously Green book and is on her way to making changes for her and her husband!
  • My parents have started to use eco-friendly laudry soap, and have stocked their house with organic milk, sugar, fruits, and vegetables!!

I’m so proud of all of you..keep it up!

Happy Holidays!!

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From the mouths of babes…

 My 4 year old nephew, Max, said this the other day..

“If Jesus died to save our souls, why do people litter?”


Happy Holidays!!!

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Cleaning for the Holidays!

In general, vacuuming and dry or damp mopping are the best ways to  regularly clean wood floors.  Wet mops will dull the finish and Oil soaps will leave a residue, which will damage the floor.

Make your own Wood Floor Cleaner by combining:

1/8 cup Castile Soap

1/2 cup vinegar

2 Gallons warm water

Instead of using  a bucket, put the solution above in a Spray bottle.  Spray a small area in front of you, then mop!

Beautiful Bamboo Flooring!

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If you’ve got some gifts to wrap this holiday season, take the time to revolutionize your wrapping!! Instead of the same old holiday wrap, try something a bit different this year!

  • Use old newspapers (and customize your wrap, by picking out images/articles that fit for person
  • Use old magazines (customize this one too!)
  • Recycle any paper bags you may have as wrap (break out some markers and crayons and give them a gift of art too!)
  • Recycle any plastic bags that you have and use as wrap..
  • Recycle rubberbands using multiples of them in different colors to hold bags or paper together instead of tape (like the artist Mondrian..see below)
  • Reuse ribbons that you have received from other gifts (they can pretty up anything quick!)
  • Wrap a gift in a gift (ex. wrap a vintage purse in a vintage scarf)

These are just a few ideas and I would love to hear what you come up with too!!

Revolutionary Wrap

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One of the greatest pieces of information I learned from my Gorgeously Green book was to ask people around you to make “greener” choices too.  When my husband and I moved into our apartment in August, I asked the owner to please use no or at least low VOC paint on our apartment before we moved in.  I explained my recent health situation as my excuse and told him if it wasn’t possible or if it was “too expensive” that we would pay the difference.  And they did it!!! (we didn’t even have to pay the difference!)

Here are a few ideas to get you started..

  • when ordering take out, ask them to not include plastic silverware, condiments, and napkins, and tell them why..
  • ask your office mates to use eco-friendly cleaning products..and tell them the health benefits for you and them..
  • have a “Green” dinner party with your friends, and tell them why they all should do it too..
  • ask your favorite restaurant if they buy organic produce and meats..and tell them why they should.

One sister asked for change..

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Consumer Reports’ latest tests for dangerous pathogens on hundreds of organic and nonorganic chickens bought at stores nationwide revealed that the majority were contaminated. Two-thirds of the broilers harbored at least one of the two leading bacterial causes of food-borne diseases: campylobacter and salmonella. That’s a modest improvement from our January 2007 tests, when 8 in 10 broilers were found to harbor those pathogens, but worse than our January 2003 tests, when about half the broilers were clean. Some other findings from our new tests:

Among the cleanest broilers overall were organic “air-chilled,” a process in which carcasses are refrigerated and misted, rather than dunked in cold, chlorinated water. In total, about 60 percent of air-chilled birds were free of the two pathogens tested for, campylobacter and salmonella. Eight of the clean birds were Bell & Evans air-chilled broilers, but our sample was too small to determine that all Bell & Evans broilers would be clean.

Store-brand organic chickens had no salmonella at all, showing that it’s possible for chicken to arrive in stores without that bacteria riding along. But only 43 percent of those birds were also free of campylobacter.

Of the conventional chickens tested, Perdue was found to have the cleanest name-brand broilers (56 percent were free of both pathogens), while Tyson and Foster Farms broilers were found to be the most contaminated (less than 20 percent were free of either pathogens).

Read full article:  products.cfm?product=chicken&pcat=food&EXTKEY=NG0N00912

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Vintage/Thrift stores are my new R’s!! Because they are  rare, remarkable, and resplendent and on top of that they help the environment by reducing waste, reusing what seems to be someone elses trash and becomes your treasure, and recycling something old and giving it a new life!!

These little gems are in every city all over the world..(I love Housing Works here in NYC!!) Take a moment this holiday season to find a few where you live and begin your hunt for something rare, remarkable and resplendent!!  (Please share the very best thrift stores in your area with all of us!!)

You want this?? Click here!!

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