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Let me be clear.  I do not agree with this article 100%, for example..It would be a huge mistake to “skip breast cancer awareness month” next year because this is the time of year to get the word out there about self-exam and scheduling yearly mammograms, many women’s lives are saved this way..  I do however agree that all of us need to start taking responsibility of what we do and how our actions really do effect those around us.  Take a moment everyday to think about what you are doing and how your actions effect all of us.



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Made in Kenya.


This is how we do it.



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I was just reading through Whole Living magazine and saw an amazing little bit about Patagonia‘s new Green Jeans!

“Not only is the cotton for the denim grown without pesticides, you can drop them at a store when you’re finished wearing them, and the company will repurpose the fabric!”


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