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Saw this great little onesie by Rock N Roll Babies in Boho Mag.

“They use fair trade certified organic cotton and low impact dyes. Rock N Roll Babies artists, Debbie Hartung and Krishna Bhat use recycled packaging, walk or ride their bikes to the post office and donate 10% of proceeds to children’s organizations.  They have developed a unique recycling program too.  If you send them your used Rock N Roll onesies, tees and hoodies they take them to the local shelter and give you free shipping and 15% off your next order!” Boho Mag

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If 10,000 people swap a vintage tee instead of buying a new one, we’ll avert the weight of 17 armoires in pesticides!

Tip from IdealBite:

Want free clothes, more closet space, and free personal stylists for a night?  Throw a Swap Party, where all of your friends trade  (a.k.a. “recycle”) clothes from their closets.  Serve some organic wine and organic snacks and your evening will be a success!!

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10,000 people gave up eating steak just once every seven days, it would save enough water to fill 22, 719 Olympic-sized swimming pools and the weight of more than 9 humpback whales in fertilizer.

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December 6, 2006 was my 35th birthday, and the day I smoked my last cigarette. 

If you are struggling as I did to quit smoking, please take a moment to look into free programs that your city may offer (I received free patches from NYC!) to make this time a success! 

Do it for yourself..do it for your family..do it for all of us..


November 18th celebrates the 35th Anniversary of the American Cancer Society’s “Great American Smokeout”!

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