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If you are looking to buy new windows, doors, roofs, insulation, water heaters, and a heating or cooling system this is the year to do it. Through the end of 2010 you can claim a federal tax credit of 30% of the cost up to $1500!
So if you spent $5000 on qualified windows, on your 2010 taxes you can claim the full $1500!
So now us the time to do any home repairs the energy efficient route and save tons of cash!
Check out energystar.gov/taxcredits for further info..

Spread the word..

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Tonight, after an appointment, I was standing on 6th avenue, waiting for my friend the M7 bus that drops me off across the street from my apartment door.  It was raining as it always seems to be when I am on 57th street so I stood somewhat sheltered under the scaffolding that has been there for ages.  Every so often I stepped out onto the street to see if I could see my friendly bus coming, and all of a sudden I saw a bus that looked a bit different than what I’m used to seeing..its looked taller, more narrow, and the front windshield was HUGE!  Sure enough it was the letter number mixture that I was looking for M7!! I was so excited because I knew it had to be one of those new “greener” buses the city was supposed to get and it was..its basically a battery operated bus.  Quiet as a mouse and I mean completely silent inside and absolutely gorgeous!!  Check out this article in the NY Times!!

If you see it coming your way..you have to give it a whirl!

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I was flipping through someone’s copy of glamour at work and saw this great tip that is supposed to make your skin look radiant. All you need to do is gently exfoliate your skin and in circular motions apply either almond or grapeseed oil. (you can get both of these at your local health store or I bet even your local grocery store these days)
I just washed, exfoliated and oiled up!
Honestly, It isn’t the least bit greasy, try it and let me know how you like it! (I used grapeseed oil)

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Keep it clean..

I don’t know about you, but with all the winter sniffling going on around town..all I can think of is sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!!  Thankfully, I found a pocket size one that I LOVE called CleanWell.  Its all natural, alocohol free, has a light citrus herb scent, and your hands are left super soft!! (not like the other ones, where your hands feel so dry they could crack)

I got mine at whole foods, but have also seen it at many different natural food stores, so Im sure you can find it near you!

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So Happy!!

There is more recycling than there is trash!!!

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My husband and I finally watched Food, Inc. this weekend.  Honestly, I felt like I knew quite a bit about the farming industry, (i.e. pesticides/antibiotics/hormones) but this movie really exposed the raw truth.  There is so much that is “not” going on that needs to be addressed immediately. 

So, I’m asking you to do two things for yourself..first please read this article about Kevin’s Law and then please watch Food, Inc. as soon as you can (it is “on demand” on cable right now). 

Please watch, and then talk to everyone you know about it..

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Melt Away..

This winter seemed to start off mild, but from what I see with the winter blast of snow in the midwest, its turning out to be a blustery one!  Since the snow brings ice, my concern is to find a “greener” way to melt it away..There are many different concoctions to melt ice and most of them are full of chemicals.  “Those chemicals” as they combine with the ice/snow seep into the ground and filter their way back into our water systems.

So please.. please.. read this link to find the safest way to melt it away! (Oh, and don’t forget to urge your neighbors to do the same!

Kitty litter wouldn't never work on this..and is bad bad for the environment!

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