City Harvest

Founded in New York in the 1980’s.  City Harvest proves it’s possible to keep 30 million pounds of food out of landfills and feed 300,000 hungry citizens – free of charge.

This stat came from the May/June Issue of Natural Home & Garden..

“The 9.0 quake that hit Japan on March 11 was powerful enough to shift the earth on its axis and make it spin a little faster, shortening the day by 1.8 millionths of a second. It shoved the island nation on parking space to the east.” Time Magazine

“Most people know that shredded newspaper and brown paper makes good compost, but don’t forget that you can also compost cotton balls, Q-tips (as long as they don’t have plastic stems), tissues, and hand wipes, as well as wooden toothpicks, skewers, wine corks, chopsticks, popsicle sticks, and matchsticks.” 

Find out what other things you might be missing at www.plantea.com/compost-materials.htm

(This tip is from my Daily Green Calendar)

This is so cool!

My friend Deb did some research and discovered that Edison ParkFast locations now offer parking for your bikes. The cost is only $1 per day/$20 per month and is offered at all of their locations!

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