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I have one page left in my beautiful book have a little faith.  And as I am ready to close the book and pass it on..there was one last quote I had to share with you..

“We will do it because it needs to be done.  We will do it because it’s the right thing to do”

We need each other.  We need to do something about our health, our environment,  our relationships, and with our community.  We need to live life now because it feels right.  We need to fix what has been done over the last few decades, by mending the ties that have been broken, and because it is the right thing to do.   

Do something today that you are proud of..that will make a difference..

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clearing her head..

Nearly every morning..unless its pouring rain or a blizzard I see this woman playing tennis..8 am..dressed for work..hitting the ball back and forth against a wall in a tiny park by my office..

It struck me today, that this is probably her chill out moment, her yoga, or tai chi for the day..

I love that she is outside (even though its freezing) enjoying the fresh air, using the environment to start her day off with a clear head..

Try doing something tomorrow that takes you down a different path, road, corner whatever..see something different..be present where you are..hold on to that beautiful thought throughout the day..and repeat as often as you like:)

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Alice Waters.

Just watch.




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Yesterday morning I had an epiphany while sitting on the nearly empty train..I was reading a book that my Aunt Anne just gave me called have a little faith by Mitch Albom (the guy who wrote Tuesdays with Morrie). Its a wonderful story that really makes you stop and think..


In the grand scheme of things there are really a few things in life that we know for sure..the sun rises and sets, there are 365 days in a year,  the rain and snow falls to the ground, trees shade us from the sun, darkness creates a calmness that allows us to rejuvenate, its cooler near the north and south pole and warmer near the equator. (there are many more of course but you get the idea)

And into these things we fit in..life and earth are so precious and they feel everything we do to them…so the more we we adjust ourselves to them the more we will receive..being gentle to each other and the environment allows for a multitude of gifts.. so take this moment to start your new year off right by making a promise to truly honor your surroundings.

I wish for you a lovely, rested day today..and a very Happy New Year!

our beautiful surroundings..

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This past Friday afternoon, my office got together to watch “No Impact Man”, an amazing documentary about Colin Beavan’s (a New York City resident) efforts to completely eliminate his personal impact (along with his hilariously funny wife, and adorable child) on the environment for one year.

It is a great story about a very real family trying to make a difference..

You are going to love it, so please click here to find a theater nearest you..

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When our grandparents grew up they ate food that was grown or raised on their land.  The food was fresh  (no preservatives) and without pesticides or any chemicals.  If they wanted tomatoes, they had to wait until summer time to enjoy them..Our bodies are built to eat this way..we are all living creatures and when we start modifying the way “things are meant to be” into the way we “want them to be” this is where the problems begin. 

Besides bettering our health physically, eating seasonally and locally also has a direct effect on the environment.  Read the few paragraphs to the right of this page from the National Resources Defense Council..Does your food travel more than you do? and click on the drop down in the “Whats Fresh Near You?” section to find out what fruits and vegetables are in season in your area..

Try this recipe out for Pumpkin Soup!



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