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I found a great tip in the September/October Issue of Natural Home and Garden Magazine about stopping leaks…

To stop a slow-dripping leaky kitchen faucet, check your water meter before and after a two-hour period when no water is being used. If it changed, you’ve got a leak! Find other water-reduction tips:

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commit to living your life with the very best intentions..

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Everyone that knows me knows that I love Le Pain Quotidien.  I love their decaf organic skim milk lattes..I love their fruit salad, I love their Quoina salad and their muffins are absolutely delicious..

and now I love them even more because they are using compostable bags for take out!

They are an amazing restaurant with the very best Green Intentions in mind..

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listening..and learning..

Saw my husband play with Die Pretty last night… listened to a group called Gist afterwards.

One song’s lyric included: “I learned from Nas..” and as those words were poured out to the audience that were attentively listening, it struck me.  He was carrying a message..what he learned from Nas, we were learning from him.

My thoughts immediately brought me to Green Your Intentions.  Green has many shades as I am learning..our words, our intentions are so powerful.  It is our responsibility to each other to make sure that we act in a way that leads to a better life.. 

So try, as I will, to choose our words wisely, associate yourself with people and ideas that you are proud to share with others.

One good thing leads to another.

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Hope that you all have had a happy holidays so far!! My husband just got back last night from Ohio where we had an amazing week with our family and friends..I was so impressed to see the “Green Intentions” they all have begun to take in their own lives..and how those intentions have now become part of their daily lives..

These are a few of my favorite things…

  • I saw an “all purpose” homemade cleaning spray underneath my mothers sink!
  • My sister, Laura used Organic sauce while cooking, and said that her and her husband are using lots of organic foods in their house everyday!
  • My cousin, Mary Kate told me that she bought the Gorgeously Green book and is on her way to making changes for her and her husband!
  • My parents have started to use eco-friendly laudry soap, and have stocked their house with organic milk, sugar, fruits, and vegetables!!

I’m so proud of all of you..keep it up!

Happy Holidays!!

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