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If every New Yorker replaced their current bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Bulbs we could save enough energy to power the subways!  Check out NYC’s 2030 Plan for more information about what you can do today!

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I had the opportunity to hear Ed Begley Jr. speak at the Go Green Expo last week.   He is a man who has been committed to the environment for over 30 + years, and whose words “live simply, so others can simply live” brought tears to my eyes.  I bought both of his books and waited in line to have him sign my copy.  Once I was in front of him, I told him that I am a breast cancer survivor that wanted to thank him for saving my life by what he does everyday.  He looked up at me and said “bless your heart”..which of course made the tears flow..

Inside my copy he wrote..”to a kindred spirit…so sweet..so heartfelt..

If you haven’t already..check out his site,  tv show Living with Ed and books Ed Begley Jr.’s Guide to Sustainable Living and Living with Ed.

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Earth Hour 2010 is only hours away..

Where will you be at 8:30 pm tonight?

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Visit any of America’s 392 national parks during National Park Week, April 17-25 and enjoy free admission all week long.

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Check out Matthew Modine’s organization Bicycle for a Day and become a part of something that will really help the environment and your health!!

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Please welcome my sweet friend Suzi Jones as the Guest Blogger for today..

Last September my brother and I went back to Bermuda for the first time in about 10 years. We were excited to see the beautiful pink beaches again. Hurricane Bill had hit the island the week before and we had heard that the beaches were pretty messed up. We expected to see seaweed, downed trees, salt water damage, etc. but what we saw was much more depressing: PLASTIC. Everywhere. Washed up on our stretch of private beach were lawn chairs, plastic crates, plastic bottles of every size, tampon applicators, you name it. Even more distressing than the plastic garbage was the tiny pieces of plastic that had clearly been in the ocean for a long time and had eroded and blended in with the sand. The last few days we were there Bermuda was also experiencing a “fish kill.” Hundreds of beautiful reef fish were dying and washing up onto shore. Bermuda is still investigating what caused the kill but according to one scientist:
“These events seem to be occurring globally with greater frequency and could well be associated with rising temperatures from global warming.”

Any last walks on the beach were ruined by dodging dead fish and plastic debris. As depressing as this was, I assumed it was because of the hurricane……until I went to Costa Rica. My family has been traveling to Costa Rica for a few years. This year we went to a new area with a black sand beach. Guess what? More plastic. At first I thought the plastic was just litter on the beach until I noticed the tiny pieces again.

It is so sad to think that we are ruining our beautiful beaches with our junk! I try whenever possible to avoid buying and using plastic. Buy stainless steel or glass. Recycle any plastic you do use. Give away used plastic toys instead of throwing them in the garbage.

If you would like to read more about how prevalent plastic is in the ocean and how it will effect our health, here is an article from National Geographic News..


Plastics in Paradise

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go green at the Go Green Expo..

look whats happening today..

Saturday, March 20

Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary & Unveiling of “The E Campaign”
Matthew Modine – Bicycle for a Day

Ed Begley Jr.
presented by Enviro-Energies & Water for Life

Living Eco-logicaly
Robyn Griggs Lawrence – Natural Home Magazine
Robin Wilson – RobinWilson.com
Seth Leitman – GreenLivingGuy.com
MJ Jolda – Marcal Paper, LLC
Patricia Gaylor – PatriciaGaylor.com
Davida Heller – Ecospire

Workforce Development Initiatives, Green Jobs Green New
York, Green Multifamily Buildings and Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

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