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This picture was taken by my Uncle Billy in Hardiwar, India, and is one of the saddest images I have ever seen.  It makes me realize that all the little things I do every day are really important, and the more that we all do for each other  the less likely we will see photos like this.  Please do what you can..

Check out this book for easy everyday inspiration..The Green Year 365 small things your can do to make a BIG difference.

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I have one page left in my beautiful book have a little faith.  And as I am ready to close the book and pass it on..there was one last quote I had to share with you..

“We will do it because it needs to be done.  We will do it because it’s the right thing to do”

We need each other.  We need to do something about our health, our environment,  our relationships, and with our community.  We need to live life now because it feels right.  We need to fix what has been done over the last few decades, by mending the ties that have been broken, and because it is the right thing to do.   

Do something today that you are proud of..that will make a difference..

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Did you know in many states we are able to use Food Stamps at farmers markets and many Health Food Stores?  This effort (that started in 2008) will be sure to drastically change our health as Americans.

Please take the time to read the below links and share this with anyone you know..

Here is what NYC is doing..here is what your state is doing..

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“We are all in the culture of the ‘how of it’, but no one asks why?” 

That quote comes from Food, Inc. where Polyface farms is featured as being the real deal when it comes to organic farming.  Joel and his family have had their farm since 1961!  They decided from the very beginning to use their beautiful land in the Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley as their platform to go against the grain and do whats right for our health.

This is how its green is done..from the heart

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Ok…i know this is 24 minutes and 27 seconds..but do as I did..head into bed, turn your laptop on and enjoy!! you will not regret it..(its gourmet magazine meets PBS..Perfection!)
Diary of a Foodie..Green Kitchen

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So Happy!!

There is more recycling than there is trash!!!

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please help.

The devestational earthquake that hit Haiti last week caught the country and the world by surprise.  Thankfully, people all over the world are reacting quickly by doing whatever they can to help.  If you have not donated yet, please visit  The American Red Cross or text “Haiti to 90999 and give whatever you are able to at this time.  

We see what the world can do when devestation strikes.  So let’s use this momentum and sense of community to make a difference in our environment.  Be gentler to the earth starting today..Talk to your neighbors and tell them what you have learned, ask them what they know, and try to make tomorrow a better day for all of us. 


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