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Yesterday morning I had an epiphany while sitting on the nearly empty train..I was reading a book that my Aunt Anne just gave me called have a little faith by Mitch Albom (the guy who wrote Tuesdays with Morrie). Its a wonderful story that really makes you stop and think..


In the grand scheme of things there are really a few things in life that we know for sure..the sun rises and sets, there are 365 days in a year,  the rain and snow falls to the ground, trees shade us from the sun, darkness creates a calmness that allows us to rejuvenate, its cooler near the north and south pole and warmer near the equator. (there are many more of course but you get the idea)

And into these things we fit in..life and earth are so precious and they feel everything we do to them…so the more we we adjust ourselves to them the more we will receive..being gentle to each other and the environment allows for a multitude of gifts.. so take this moment to start your new year off right by making a promise to truly honor your surroundings.

I wish for you a lovely, rested day today..and a very Happy New Year!

our beautiful surroundings..

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Hope that you all have had a happy holidays so far!! My husband just got back last night from Ohio where we had an amazing week with our family and friends..I was so impressed to see the “Green Intentions” they all have begun to take in their own lives..and how those intentions have now become part of their daily lives..

These are a few of my favorite things…

  • I saw an “all purpose” homemade cleaning spray underneath my mothers sink!
  • My sister, Laura used Organic sauce while cooking, and said that her and her husband are using lots of organic foods in their house everyday!
  • My cousin, Mary Kate told me that she bought the Gorgeously Green book and is on her way to making changes for her and her husband!
  • My parents have started to use eco-friendly laudry soap, and have stocked their house with organic milk, sugar, fruits, and vegetables!!

I’m so proud of all of you..keep it up!

Happy Holidays!!

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From the mouths of babes…

 My 4 year old nephew, Max, said this the other day..

“If Jesus died to save our souls, why do people litter?”


Happy Holidays!!!

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If you’ve got some gifts to wrap this holiday season, take the time to revolutionize your wrapping!! Instead of the same old holiday wrap, try something a bit different this year!

  • Use old newspapers (and customize your wrap, by picking out images/articles that fit for person
  • Use old magazines (customize this one too!)
  • Recycle any paper bags you may have as wrap (break out some markers and crayons and give them a gift of art too!)
  • Recycle any plastic bags that you have and use as wrap..
  • Recycle rubberbands using multiples of them in different colors to hold bags or paper together instead of tape (like the artist Mondrian..see below)
  • Reuse ribbons that you have received from other gifts (they can pretty up anything quick!)
  • Wrap a gift in a gift (ex. wrap a vintage purse in a vintage scarf)

These are just a few ideas and I would love to hear what you come up with too!!

Revolutionary Wrap

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Vintage/Thrift stores are my new R’s!! Because they are  rare, remarkable, and resplendent and on top of that they help the environment by reducing waste, reusing what seems to be someone elses trash and becomes your treasure, and recycling something old and giving it a new life!!

These little gems are in every city all over the world..(I love Housing Works here in NYC!!) Take a moment this holiday season to find a few where you live and begin your hunt for something rare, remarkable and resplendent!!  (Please share the very best thrift stores in your area with all of us!!)

You want this?? Click here!!

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A Considerate Cuff..

Since the holidays are coming up and for many, giving gifts is a big part it..take this opportunity to really look at what you are buying..asking yourself a couple questions..

What is it made from?

How much packaging is used?

What impact will that product have on the environment?

Take a peek at treehugger.com‘s Holiday Green Gift guide..they have gift ideas for food, babies, computer, clothes and more!!  (Awesome  ideas for Holiday Gift Exchanges Wink!Wink!)

Happy Green Shopping..

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